Frequently Asked Questions

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The Consultant’s diaries are held at the hospitals in which they see and treat patients. To make an appointment to be seen at one of the Spire Edinburgh Hospitals please call 0131 316 2530. If you have any difficulties or queries please call us on 0131 202 7651.

It is not necessary to have a referral from your GP in order to see one of the Consultants.

However, it is usual for a GP, or other medical professional such as a physiotherapist, to make a referral to a surgeon rather than for a patient to self-refer.

It is also helpful to have a referral as the Consultant can then be made aware of relevant details and investigations that may have already been carried out.

You can call our office (0131 202 7651) and we can take a credit/debit card payment over the telephone. We do not send out receipts as standard practice however we can tell you the transaction authorisation number. If you require a receipt to recoup the payment from your insurer please request this.

Or, you can send a cheque made payable to ‘Edinburgh Orthopaedic Specialists’ and addressed to Edinburgh Orthopaedic Specialists, Suite 1, Pure Offices, 4-5 Lochside Way, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh, EH12 9DT. If you require a receipt please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

If you send a cheque please make sure your name and invoice number is clearly referenced.

We are not able to accept payment by bank transfer as we have no way of coordinating the payments to the correct accounts.

When you make an appointment to be seen at the Spire Edinburgh Hospitals they will ask for credit/debit card details. This is for payment of any hospital charges incurred (i.e. blood work, x-ray, MRI, CT scan, injection etc.) and does not include the Consultant’s fee.

The invoice we have sent you is for the Consultant’s fee alone.

The hospital does not pass on your card details to us, and similarly, we do not retain these details.

Yes, you should always inform your insurance company that you have an appointment with any of the consultants to ensure that they will cover the cost of your visit. If you do not, they may refuse to cover your visit and you will be liable for the fee and any other costs incurred (i.e. hospital charges.) Your insurer will give you an authorisation code which you can give to the hospital.

Copying patients on clinic letters is not a requirement of your private consultation. However, you can ask the consultant to copy you on your clinic letter at the time of your visit, and some consultants do this anyway.

You can also retrospectively obtain a copy of your clinic letter at any time by contacting our office.

We do not give out the private contact information of our Consultants. If you wish to be in touch after your consultation you can call our office and we will give them a message, or you can email our Enquiries mailbox, and this will be forwarded to the Consultant.

This is not information we have as we do not keep the Consultant’s diaries for consultations or theatre. If you need to check the date of your consultation at Spire Edinburgh Hospitals, please call 0131 316 2530 or email them at

To check the date of your surgery, please call the booking team at Spire Hospitals on 0131 316 2510

The simple answer to this is, yes. However, the NHS does not allow consultants to transfer patients from a private consultation directly onto the NHS surgical waiting list. Patients must go through the full process and be seen in the NHS Outpatient Department before being placed on the NHS surgical waiting list.

Due to new data protection laws we are limited as to what information we can share without consent. A certain amount of information is already mutually shared between ourselves and your insurer, i.e. your name, address, date of birth, insurer details, policy number and authorisation number. If your insurer requires anything in addition to that, for example your diagnosis or a copy of your clinic letter, we require your consent.

Yes some of our consultants will see paediatric cases however this is only possible with a GP referral. It may not in some cases be possible to offer surgical treatment at a private facility.